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I love solar - BUT!

I love solar, you love solar, we all love solar - BUT. What do we love, actually?

Well, we love the idea of free! We love the idea of magic! We love the idea of sort of getting away with something. Solar is the promise of “free”, clean, endless energy without much effort. Right?

Solar generated electricity has come a long way since 1839, when Alexandre Edmond Becquerel observed the photovoltaic effect via an electrode in a conductive solution exposed to light. Now, down a long road of trial and error, experiment with success and failure, the promise of solar is still unfolding. We’re not there by a long shot, both in the science of discovery and the challenges of implementation. I love this stuff, but let’s get real.

It pains me when government blunders heavy-handedly into places it does not belong, like Solyndra and the Ivanpah project. Government is fine at some stuff, but putting a pile of your hard-earned money into not-ready-for-primetime, politically correct projects like these makes a mess every time. What don’t they get? If something has promise that might be turned into profits, there is an unlimited amount of capital ready to jump in and take the risk. Why should YOU take the risk, especially when managed by bumbling bureaucrats?

Government should be limited to encouraging these technologies and perhaps incentivising them without adding to our already too complex tax system. Government should NOT put your tax dollars at risk when it is inherently incompetent to manage the outcome. 

If the free market isn’t jumping in. Hmmm… doesn’t that say something?

Posted on 04 Apr 2016, 18:26 - Category: Energy

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