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Posted on 29 May 2017, 12:59 - Category: Veterans

The VA is Redecorating

I know that, now that I am running for a national office, I should be constrained by Political Correctness, and not say anything which might hurt some one's feelings. What about my feelings?

I have posted many times on this site and FB and TW and elsewhere my observations and proscriptions regarding our government's failures to our veterans. I have tried to be reflective, considerate and positive, pointing out problems and making suggestions. The old street cop in me wants out. I treat cops and vets for PTST every day in my private practice. Now, I'm just plain angry (read: really p****d off)!

How can any administrator on any level think spending millions on art is preferred to shortening wait times and increasing medical service to our Veterans? IT DOES NOT TAKE NEW COMPUTER SYSTEMS OR MORE MONEY TO CONNECT VETERANS TO DOCTORS. It takes people who care. 

Ms. Pingree, DO YOU CARE?”

Posted on 01 Aug 2016, 18:02 - Category: Veterans

More VA Bungling

After nearly a year of meetings, the commission empowered by the $15B Veterans Choice, Access and Accountability Act of 2014, today released its 292 page report. 12 of 15 commissioners signed, 3 did not, 2 of those dissented, saying it fell "far short of what is needed”.

The report found the so-called "Choice Program”, permitting vets to seek private care, is flawed in design and execution. It made 18 recommendations, including a new "community network of care” system, a new 11-member board of directors accountable to the President, and a slew of totally obvious ideas like better computer systems. Give me a break.

Welcome to another edition of Big Government rumbling, bumbling, stumbling and fumbling. Got a problem? Let’s just appoint a few more commissions and throw money at  consultants. Meantime, our Vets are dying and nothing changes.

Want a good idea? You better brace yourself. How about the dreaded Private Sector! What gets rid of inefficiency and corruption best? Competition for the almighty buck!

There are 152 regional VA hospitals and nearly 1,400 community-based outpatient clinics. Sell them, one to five in a group. Remember, we want competition. At $1B each (hospitals), that’s $152B, about the annual operating budget of the system. The new unit under construction in Aurora, CO is $1B over budget and years late; $100 doors came in at $1,400. They can’t run them and they can’t build them. Then, issue healthcare cards to our Vets good at any doctor or hospital anywhere. The cards will cover for all the care and procedures and benefits Vets are entitled too. This wipes out the inefficient, corrupt, politically-manipulated layers of the VA, and taxpayers pay market rates straight to private, entrepreneurial, hungry, competitive businesses.

Finally, stay out of the way. Please!

Posted on 06 Jul 2016, 18:26 - Category: Veterans

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